New Data Trends for Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

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Automating insights and decisions from data can offer improved customer experiences and business breakthroughs. The use of predictive analytics and machine learning (ML) has evolved dramatically over the past decade, resulting in breakthroughs that promise smarter applications and drastically better decision-making. In this previously recorded webinar, we explore the data infrastructure trends that are shaping the next generation of machine learning applications.

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  • Learn the emerging approaches to processing data sources for ML models
  • See the new reference architectures that deliver smart feedback loop systems for more adaptable data models
  • Understand the scalable data infrastructures that power real-time ML applications
  • See how data performance capabilities improve the impact of predictive and ML applications


Mike Boyarski, Sr. Director Product Marketing, SingleStore

Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager, SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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