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Leading organizations across key verticals are increasingly focused on capturing and analyzing data in real-time to improve customer experience, lower risks, and optimize operations.

SingleStore (formerly MemSQL) offers a next-gen. unified data platform to ingest, store, process, and analyze streaming data at scale, to power analytics and modern applications in real-time . 

From Tier-1 Banks and Telcos to tech visionaries such as Uber and Akamai, SingleStore is helping leading organizations drive faster insights and actions in the moment. 

Join us for the 45-minute webinar and to hear more about SingleStore and how we power some of the most compelling real-time use cases today:

  • Key capabilities you need to ingest and drive analytics in real-time
  • A reference architecture for driving real-time analytics on streaming data
  • Key use cases and customer case studies utilizing real-time data


  • Domenic Ravita, VP of Product Marketing, Field CTO, SingleStore
  • Dale Deloy, Director, Director of Sales Engineering, EMEA

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On-Demand Webinar
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