How-To Build Real-Time Applications

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Organizations want to make more frequent data driven decisions. This is because data is continuously generated from customer interactions and operational processes. Seeing and responding to these data events gives enterprises a way to differentiate their service and operate more efficiently. A real-time dashboard is the window of insight to discover and respond to changing conditions when it matters most.

In this webinar we discuss the latest technology advances that make delivering real-time applications a reality. We'll demonstrate and explain through customer examples the best way to build and deploy real-time applications at scale.

In this on demand webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn about the benefits of real-time applications
  • See how companies like Pandora take advantage of real-time applications
  • See a demo of how SingleStore can power a real-time Looker dashboard


Alexia Smith, Commercial Account Executive, SingleStore

Alec Powell, Sales Engineer, SingleStore

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Duration: 30 minutes
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