Tech Talk - Scaling Data-Intensive Applications with SingleStore and Vectorized

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SingleStore is a scale-out relational database built for data-intensive workloads. And Redpanda is a Kafka API compatible streaming platform created by the team at Vectorized, for mission-critical workloads 

In this talk we present a reference architecture on how you can use SingleStore’s relational database together with Redpanda’s streaming platform to power some of the most data-intensive and demanding use cases. In this instance we will highlight an example (with github code) on how you can scale worldwide parcel logistics and shipping to never-before-seen volumes - as much as 100x the number of packages delivered annually.

Join Carl Sverre, Senior Director of Innovation at SingleStore, Alex Gallego, CEO and Founder of together with Joe Karlsson, Technical Evangelist at SingleStore for a deep dive and an interactive demo session highlighting the joint architecture that can scale up to ​​400K parcel deliveries per second. 

As part of this technical demo session you’ll learn more about:

  • Building a highly performant reference architecture with SingleStore and RedPanda to power your data-intensive applications
  • Ingesting millions of records in real-time using SingleStore Pipelines
  • Universal storage engine that can provide on-disk compression and is optimized for a high volume of inserts, updates, and deletes. 
  • Get access to the GitHub code for this specific application


  • Carl Sverre, Senior Director of Innovation at SingleStore,
  • Alex Gallego, CEO and Founder of
  • Joe Karlsson, Technical Evangelist at SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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