SingleStore keeps innovating to deliver the world’s fastest modern database for real-time analytics and operational workloads. In this webinar, we cover the most notable new features and enhancements along with key themes from a product development standpoint. We also highlight the rationale and storyline behind the new naming following the company’s recent rebranding from MemSQL to SingleStore.

Register to learn more about the release including:

  • Universal Storage, which continues to mature bringing simplified data management across your operational and analytics workloads
  • Query optimization on many-table joins to drive  even greater efficiencies  to large distributed joins
  • Enhanced usability for document, relational, and statistical workloads which continues to make SingleStore the best choice for diverse, multi-model needs
  • Simplified management via alerting on cluster diagnostics
  • New Connectors for Microsoft PowerBI (Direct Query), ODBC, and JDBC provide the easiest, most performant way to leverage the power of SingleStore


Eric Hanson, Director of Product Management, SingleStore Database