Tech Talk: Universal Storage Fundamentals

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In an arc of engineering efforts that spanned two years and four releases, SingleStore recently completed and delivered the final installment of a patented new storage technology known as Universal Storage that supports both transactional and analytical workloads on the same table. 

For decades, it was believed that you needed different databases and technology to run analytical and transactional workloads. SingleStore has proved that wrong with the evolution of Universal Storage, delivering high levels of performance, and at low costs for any type of workload.

Join us for a Tech Talk on Universal Storage to learn more about:

  • How Universal Storage combines capabilities of rowstore and columnstore to enable all kinds of workloads
  • Why this results in big improvements in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and performance
  • The different aspects of Universal Storage including fast columnstore seeks, indexing, fast joins, unique constraints, and upsert support
  • See Universal Storage in action with a demo!


  • Eric Hanson, Director of Product Management, SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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