Turbocharge Your Open-Source DB to Drive 100x Faster Performance

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MySQL and PostgreSQL are the most widely adopted and popular open-source databases on the planet. And developers love MySQL and PostgreSQL for their reliability and their ability to get started quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. 

However these open-source databases are based on legacy single-node architectures, and as your operations and data scale, their performance quickly starts to deteriorate leading to sluggish event-to-insight response times, as well as rising costs.

A number of customers are upgrading from MySQL and PostgreSQL (and their commercial variants) to a modern, distributed SQL database such as SingleStore to drive performance by 20x - 100x, to improve the customer experience for their SaaS offerings, while lowering costs.

Hear directly from Factors.ai, one of our customers on their journey migrating from PostgreSQL, and watch a live demo on how to migrate to SingleStore.

Join us for an interactive customer session to learn more about:

  • Why Factors.ai migrated from PostgreSQL to SingleStore to deliver performance that was never possible 
  • Case Study of the Factors.ai journey, use case, and lessons learned
  • Live Demo on how to migrate from MySQL
  • Best practices, and considerations for migrating one or multiple databases


  • Domenic Ravita, VP, Product Marketing  at SingleStore
  • Praveen Das, Co-Founder at Factors.ai
  • Sarung Tripathi, Director of Solutions Engineering at SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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