Tech Talk - Using SingleStore as a Time Series Database

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Time series data is at the core of the Internet of Things, with frequent sensor readings generated by billions of devices. There are a multitude of use-cases that have a time element, such as Financial Transactions and IoT sensor data from Utilities, Energy, Media, and Automotive. 

At SingleStore we’ve seen strong adoption in using our database for processing and analyzing time-series data. This is especially the case when you need (1) a high rate of event ingestion, (2) low-latency queries, and (3) a high rate of concurrent queries.

In this Tech Talk, Akmal Chaudhri, Senior Technical Evangelist at SingleStore will walk the audience through the Time Series capabilities of SingleStore. Through code examples, attendees will see the ease with which Time Series data can be ingested, stored, and queried in SingleStore. 

As part of this session, you’ll learn more about:

  • SingleStore Functions for Time Series data
  • Ingesting time series data using SingleStore Pipelines
  • How to query time series data
  • How to build a visual dashboard for querying SingleStore time-series data


  • Akmal Chaudhri, Senior Technical Evangelist at SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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