The New Data Challenges of Remote Work

GE/SingleStore Virtual Fireside Chat | On-Demand Recorded Webinar
The New Data Challenges of Remote Work

During this virtual fireside chat, Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer at GE, and Raj Verma, SingleStore CEO, discuss the new challenges brought on by a mostly-virtual workforce and the current digital transformation trends affecting employees and their companies.

In this fireside chat, the executive panelists discuss:

  • Best practices to stay productive in a remote work setting
  • Leveraging the confluence of cloud during the pandemic to accelerate specific digital trends
  • Shifting your mental model to identifying the moments that matter

Diwakar shares the impacts of how SingleStore, and the move to a cloud-native, high-speed database, has helped GE provide an operational data store for company-wide financial analytics in this new business and economic climate. The discussion is followed by an interactive Q&A.


  • Diwakar Goel, Chief Data Officer at GE
  • Raj Verma, CEO at SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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