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The SingleStore Champions program recognizes and rewards a vibrant, worldwide group of SingleStore experts whose enthusiasm for knowledge-sharing has a real impact within the community. Champions share their knowledge in a variety of ways including online via social media, blog posts, open-source projects, and forums, or in person at conferences, workshops, and user group events.

Benefits of Becoming a Champion

Active engagement in the SingleStore community has its perks. On the mountain, you will become more visible. Rise above the clouds. Sharpen your skills. Even change your trajectory!

Privileges include:

  1. Access to engineering and product teams
  2. Managed services credits
  3. Early invites and passes to conferences and SingleStore events
  4. Travel support for speaking at specific events
  5. Certification credits to sharpen your skills
  6. Invitations to private SingleStore events
  7. Social media shoutouts
  8. Exclusive SingleStore swag

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