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Modern customer-facing SaaS apps need to deliver fast, interactive experiences while scaling easily to serve thousands — or hundreds of thousands — of users. So, how do you deliver analytics at scale and meet the demands of a modern real-time SaaS application? It starts with the right database.

the-challenge-with-current-saa-s-application-architecturesThe challenge with current SaaS application architectures

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Today, customers have to power their SaaS applications by “stitching” together a variety of single-purpose and specialty data engines — one or more transactional (OLTP) databases, specialty data engines and a series of analytical databases duct-taped together to power applications.

Unfortunately, this leads to highly inefficient and complex architectures, unnecessary data movement and ETL — all of which drive up data latency and operating costs. The result? Applications struggle to deliver fast analytics on fresh data, running into performance and scalability bottlenecks.

single-store-db-for-saa-s-applicationsSingleStoreDB for SaaS applications

SingleStoreDB offers a modern, unified scale-out database that provides blazing-fast transactional, analytical and AI capabilities in a single engine —  without data movement — to power your SaaS applications. That means you can say goodbye to multiple specialized databases. 

With SingleStoreDB you get the ACID compliance, scalability and fast writes of a transactional database together with the ultra-fast ingestion, reads, aggregations and millisecond query latencies of an analytics engine.

This enables SingleStoreDB to deliver 10-100x faster performance for your SaaS apps at a fraction of the cost compared to your legacy architecture — and has an enormous impact on your end-user experience, scalability and revenue recognition goals.

Learn how to supercharge your SaaS applications with SingleStoreDB.

more-than-100-leading-saa-s-providers-run-on-single-store-dbMore than 100 leading SaaS providers run on SingleStoreDB

Check out this blog on how three developers powered their SaaS apps with SingleStoreDB.

10-100x better performance
High-throughput parallel streaming ingestion together with super low-latency queries to power modern applications

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30-60% lower costs
Better price-performance and overall lower TCO of up to 60% with SingleStoreDB compared to legacy infrastructure

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No more ETL
Power analytics with applications with one unified engine, eliminating unnecessary data movement and ETL

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Elastic scalability
With a horizontal distributed scale-out architecture, you can scale up or scale out horizontally as your business grows

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single-store-db-key-capabilities-for-saa-s-appsSingleStoreDB key capabilities for SaaS apps

When it comes to transacting, analyzing and contextualizing data in real time, your underlying data engine makes all the difference. SingleStoreDB serves as the ideal data platform to power applications and businesses across fintech, adtech, martech, security tech, gaming and more.

Unified, scalable data platform

In-memory rowstore, together with a disk-based columnstore (Universal Storage) in the same engine to drive fast applications.

SingleStore Pipelines

Don’t wait for your insights; ingest up to millions of events/second using Pipelines, with immediate availability.

Unlimited elasticity

Scale your applications with a distributed scale-out architecture and bottomless storage.


Support multiple data types (JSON, time-series, geospatial, full-text search, relational, vectors) and run in multi-cloud or hybrid clouds.

Best-in-class resiliency

Power enterprise apps including HA, DR, limitless PITR and multi-AZ failover.

Extensible APIs

MySQL® and MongoDB® wire protocol compatibility plus connectors to Spark, Kafka, DBT and more.

SingleStore demo

How to migrate from MySQL® to SingleStore

SingleStore follows MySQL wire protocol, making it easy to migrate any flavor of MySQL — giving you better data ingest, query latency high concurrency.

How to migrate from MySQL® to SingleStore

performance-benchmarksPerformance benchmarks

SingleStoreDB is a unified database that delivers best-in-class performance for both OLTP and OLAP workloads. SingleStoreDB performs as well as specialized operational databases and data warehouses based on our benchmark derived from TPC-C and TPC-H. 

Don't believe us? Check out our internal benchmarks — or better yet, here are some real-life examples our customers ran as part of their selection process.

TPC benchmarking results

Our results demonstrate that SingleStoreDB achieves best-in-class performance on both TPC-H and TPC-C industry-standard OLAP and OLTP benchmarks.

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SingleStoreDB vs. PostgreSQL®

Results from a real-life customer PoC comparing query latencies of PostgreSQL® and SingleStoreDB.

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SingleStoreDB vs. Microsoft Azure SQL

Discover how dailyVest powers 401(k) plans with SingleStoreDB Cloud and improves application performance by 30%.

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SingleStoreDB vs. Snowflake® + MariaDB®

Learn how Anuvu simplified and consolidated databases, cut total ownership costs by 10x and improved overall performance by over 20x.

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We are now all in on SingleStore Helios, which has allowed us to drop Redis, DynamoDB and MySQL, saving us an absolute fortune in monthly costs while dramatically improving performance.

Jack Ellis
Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics

Fathom Analytics

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