Many companies, including our customers, have invested heavily in Hadoop infrastructure. In a recent blog post, we explored the topic of hype when it came to enterprises deploying Hadoop across their organizations, and ultimately where Hadoop falls short for certain use cases.
Using SingleStore, many of our customers have been able to augment Hadoop using our HDFS pipelines feature, allowing them to quickly ingest from the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and perform analysis of their data in real time.
With SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 6.8, we are happy to announce our support for Kerberos and wire encryption for HDFS pipelines. Kerberos is a widely used method for authenticating users, including users of Hadoop clusters.
Similarly, wire encryption protects data as it moves through Hadoop. Combining Kerberos and wire encryption in Hadoop is the standard in enterprises demanding the highest level of security.
In SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 6.8, with the release of Kerberos and wire encryption for HDFS, customers now get comprehensive security through full standards-based authentication and over-the-wire data delivery.