Consolidate Complex Data Workflows Into Fast, Impactful Business Insights


Bill Danker

Senior Product Manager — SAS® Viya®With SingleStore

Consolidate Complex Data Workflows Into Fast, Impactful Business Insights

Companies are struggling to integrate multiple data sources into a coherent set of analytical ready datasets that can be consumed by advanced analytical, AI/ML algorithms.  

Multiple ETL jobs must be run against multiple data sources to build out “wide” columnar data sets. Data is cleansed and curated to incorporate multiple levels of detail (Temporal, Spatial, Dimensional). Data is subsequently formed into Datamart’s focused on solving business challenges and delivering competitive insights.  

What if you could consolidate a significant percentage of this workflow into a single, analytically powerful solution?

Meet SAS® Viya® with SingleStore, which is here to do just that.

SAS® Viya® is our cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine that provides quick, accurate and reliable analytical insights. Elastic, scalable and fault-tolerant processing addresses the complex analytical challenges of today, while effortlessly scaling for the future.

As an integrated part of the Analytics Platform, SAS Viya provides:

  • Faster processing for huge amounts of data and the most complex analytics, including machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence.
  • A standardized code base that supports programming in SAS and other languages, like Python, R, Java, and Lua.
  • Support for cloud, on-site or hybrid environments. It deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem

SingleStoreDB is a real-time, distributed, SQL database designed to power modern data-intensive applications. It is designed to deliver maximum performance for both transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) workloads in a single unified engine to drive maximum performance.

By embedding SingleStore into SAS Viya, we allow organizations to integrate transactional and analytical data into a comprehensible analytic ready format for downstream AI use cases.  This unified data architecture enables organizations to look at their transactional data and drive analytical models in real-time providing tremendous benefits.  Not only does it offer faster time to decisions, but this approach also delivers benefits including an open data framework, simplified data access, increased productivity and cost optimization of analytical systems.

The preceding image is a high-level picture of our SAS Viya with SingleStore architecture. This newly engineered approach adds modern multithreading and fast parallel data retrieval, allowing SAS Viya to directly access and work with data stored in relational tables built in SingleStore.  The SAS Embedded Process (represented by the green dots) resides within the leaves of the SingleStore database which also allows us to move a significant portion of compute to the data layer, providing for a series of improved performance characteristics.

We refer to the ability to work with and bring in data from multiple data sources as our Data Fabric.  Now, our CAS workers not only continue to work with SAS DAT files and integrate data from other databases, but also allow users to work directly back and forth with relational tables in SingleStore.  SingleStore's best-in-market data ingest provides added benefits to real-time and upsert performance feeding downstream AI/ML.

SAS Viya with SingleStore drives the ability to integrate both the transactional and the analytical workloads into one platform where customers can easily develop new models and analytical insights quickly.

Visit to discover more about the integration and our partnership with SingleStore. Want to dive deeper? Join our webinar: Big Data, Small Footprint: How to Optimize Your Data and Analytics Infrastructure on November 8.

Stay tuned for additional blog posts for future updates on the types of capabilities that we are building into the embedded process and how these capabilities will help your business keep its competitive edge.