Deploy SingleStore with Mesosphere

SingleStore is now certified for deployment on the Mesosphere DCOS (Datacenter Operating System). With a few simple commands, users can launch a SingleStore cluster on DCOS.

The Mesosphere DCOS (Datacenter Operating System) is a commercially supported product built on top of Apache Mesos that serves as a datacenter abstraction layer. DCOS deploys distributed applications with a few simple command-line interface (CLI) steps, and handles application provisioning, resource management, and fault tolerance seamlessly. It also centralizes management of a distributed system in a single interface for easy deployment.

SingleStore is a relational, in-memory database optimized for multi-machine deployment. Its distributed nature makes it a good match for DCOS.

The package needed to deploy SingleStore on DCOS can be found in the Mesosphere Universe repository, which allows all DCOS users to install SingleStore anytime simply by running dcos package install memsql from a DCOS console. SingleStore leverages the Marathon scheduler to pull a SingleStore Docker image to deploy the SingleStore software, which is tightly integrated with DCOS.

SingleStore supports a variety of deployment topologies, and the Mesosphere DCOS adds another option to this growing list. SingleStore can be deployed on:

  • bare metal machines in your datacenter
  • virtual machines in your datacenter
  • Docker containers
  • Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure and other public cloud platform providers
  • Mesosphere DCOS

Try SingleStore today! Run dcos package install memsql on your DCOS system, or download the free SingleStore Community Edition with unlimited scale and capacity.