Digital Ocean Tutorial Gets You Up and Running in Minutes


Carlos Bueno

Product Manager

Digital Ocean Tutorial Gets You Up and Running in Minutes

As fun as it is to squirrel around inside the guts of some new technology, it’s sometimes nice to follow a recipe and end up with something that Just Works. For years, Digital Ocean, an up and coming cloud provider, has been producing quality tutorials on how to set up cool software on their virtual machines. Today Ian Hansen published an in-depth tutorial on setting up a three-node SingleStore cluster. Check it out here.

Go to the Digital Ocean tutorial and learn how to install SingleStore in minutes

Once the cluster is running, Ian walks through our DB Speed Test. He then dives into interacting with SingleStore using the stock MySQL client and handling structured and instructed data with our JSON datatype. The next tutorials in the series will deal with sharding strategies, replication, and security.

We’re also lucky to have Ian here at Strata / Hadoop World in NYC to give a talk called “Big Data for Small Teams”, about how Digital Ocean uses SingleStore to unify and analyze their clickstream data with a minimum of fuss.