Digital Twins: An Important Next Step In The Data Economy


Gina von Esmarch

Vice President Marketing Communications

Digital Twins: An Important Next Step In The Data Economy

In this Forbes article, Nikita Shamgunov, SingleStore co-founder & co-CEO, discusses the importance of digital twins.

While digital twins are frequently associated with industrial and heavy machinery use cases, a digital twin can be built for any business or product. Digital twins can also be found in consumer electronics and financial services.

Nikita explains that for a digital twin to work, a business must create a live mirror, or clone, of all the data that is flowing through the veins of the enterprise. The organization must consolidate that data and implement a single pane of glass across all data services, providing a complete view of the business. This, he adds, requires the business to embrace modern data management, which creates the foundation for these next-generation capabilities.

Successfully creating and maintaining a digital twin, however, requires real-time data access and scalable data management, which SingleStore can help to provide. You can try SingleStore for free today or contact us.