Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence with Supercar


Gary Orenstein

Former Chief Marketing Officer, SingleStore

Real-Time Geospatial Intelligence with Supercar

Today, SingleStore is showcasing a brand new demonstration of real-time geospatial location intelligence at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit in Las Vegas.

The demonstration, titled Supercar, makes use of a dataset containing the details of 170 million real world taxi rides. By sampling this dataset and creating real-time records while simultaneously querying the data, Supercar simulates the ability to monitor and derive insights across hundreds of thousands of objects on the go.

You can read further details in the full news release here.

By natively integrating geospatial datatypes in its relational database, SingleStore enables simple queries to derive informative results. The queries available in Supercar include

  • How many riders did we serve?
  • What was the average rider wait time?
  • What was the average trip distance?
  • What was the average trip time?
  • What was the average price/fare?

simple-queries-with-native-geospatial-intelligenceSimple queries with native geospatial intelligence

The demonstration uses the developer-focused mapping platform from Mapbox and combines simple SQL queries generated on the fly. For example, users can pan across the map and zoom in to specific sections which creates an area in which they can then run the query.

One query example for passenger count is shown below. The coordinates of the polygon were removed for simplicity sake, but in practice represent the latitude and longitude of the four corners of the visible map area.

SELECT SUM(passenger_count) as result
FROM trips
OR GEOGRAPHY_INTERSECTS(dropoff_location, "POLYGON((...))")

To watch the demonstration in full, check out the following animated short

For more information, visit the SingleStore Booth #119 at the Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit or visit us at