About DirectEmployers Associationabout-direct-employers-association

DirectEmployers Association is a nonprofit human resources consortium of leading global employers formed to improve labor market efficiency through sharing best practices. The organization helps companies reduce recruiting costs and ensure regulatory compliance of recruitment programs, such as veteran and public disability requirements.

The Impact of Data for Corporate Recruitingthe-impact-of-data-for-corporate-recruiting

The DirectEmployers application collects a variety of data across the web to help recruiting managers understand job requisition performance and the fulfillment process. The application relies on up-to-the-minute web interactions, searches, and demographic details. Each data point provides real-time insights to give recruiting managers an added edge in understanding who, where, and when applicants engage with job postings.

Faster Analytics with Accelerated Deploymentfaster-analytics-with-accelerated-deployment

DirectEmployers wanted to improve the performance of its existing analytics solution so customers could quickly adjust or respond to recruiting activities. The raw data needed to be processed and analyzed in aggregate and detail views from several different web sources. The data changed frequently throughout the day, requiring a more up-to-date analytics offering that was fast and responsive to customers.

DirectEmployers chose SingleStoreDB Cloud for the fast query response of several ad hoc and operational report queries, along with the minimal tuning and tooling to get the solution live. It also wanted the fully managed service to help accelerate time-to-market and make use of SingleStore expertise.

“SingleStore offered a very good implementation of a column store engine and required little tuning and tooling to get running. It’s a polished product that just works.”single-store-offered-a-very-good-implementation-of-a-column-store-engine-and-required-little-tuning-and-tooling-to-get-running-its-a-polished-product-that-just-works

– Darrin Thompson, Senior Developer, DirectEmployers


With SingleStoreDB Cloud, DirectEmployers has been able to provide new analytics that were previously not available. For existing reports, query performance improved dramatically, with count and rank queries improving by up to 50x. With these improvements, recruiters now have a more predictable experience and better visibility into their recruiting efforts.