Please join us next week as two members of the SingleStore engineering team present at the AMPLab at Berkeley on Wednesday March 11th from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.

Ankur Goyal and Anders Papitto, SingleStore,
A Distributed In-Memory SQL Database
Wednesday 3/11, Noon, 405 Soda Hall, Berkeley

Talk Abstracttalk-abstract

This talk will cover the major architectural design decisions with discussion on specific technical details as well as the motivation behind the big decisions. We will cover lockfree, code generation, durability/replication, distributed query execution, and clustering in SingleStore. We will then discuss some of the new directions for the product, including some ideas on leveraging Spark.


Ankur Goyal is the Director of Engineering at SingleStore. At SingleStore he has focused on distributed query execution and clustering, but has touched most of the engine. His areas of interest are distributed systems, compilers, and operating systems. Ankur studied computer science at Carnegie Mellon University and worked on distributed data processing at Microsoft before SingleStore.

Anders Papitto is an engineer at SingleStore, where he has worked on distributed query execution, column store storage and query execution, and various other components. He joined SingleStore shortly before completing his undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley.

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