ESG Lab Validates SingleStore’s Real-Time Big Data Analytics Solution


Mark Horton

Director of Product Marketing at SingleStore

ESG Lab Validates SingleStore’s Real-Time Big Data Analytics Solution

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently performed a benchmark that established SingleStore’s distributed in-memory database as the standard for real-time, Big Data analytics. ESG validated that SingleStore delivers outstanding performance and linear scalability, superior reliability and durability, and the ability to support rapid growth.

Tony Palmer, a senior ESG Lab analyst who performed the benchmark said, “Organizations today increasingly need a fast and easily scalable database to query Big Data in order to meet the real-time demands of their business. Throughout our tests, SingleStore’s distributed in-memory database demonstrated outstanding ingest and query performance, with ingest and queries occurring concurrently. As a result, we would recommend businesses take a serious look at SingleStore as a solution that provides highly available, high-performance, real-time, Big Data analytics at scale.”

SingleStore was designed for today’s Big Data analytical needs, and strives to solve the problems that plague traditional databases that simply cannot compete in the high velocity, high volume data environments. SingleStore delivers performance, complex analytical capabilities, and a highly reliable and durable real-time database for Big Data analytics.