Middle Eastern Technology Company Partners With BCT on Effort to Limit COVID-19 Spread using SingleStore


Gina von Esmarch

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Middle Eastern Technology Company Partners With BCT on Effort to Limit COVID-19 Spread using SingleStore

The following press release has been issued by SingleStore today – Wednesday, July 28th, 2020 – to announce the use of SingleStore technology for COVID-19 tracking by SingleStore partner Bahwan Cybertek (BCT).

middle-eastern-technology-company-partners-with-bct-on-effort-to-limit-covid-19-spread-using-single-storeMiddle Eastern Technology Company Partners With BCT on Effort to Limit COVID-19 Spread using SingleStore

Joint Endeavor Highlights the Power of Digital Transformation, Massively Scalable Architecture

SAN FRANCISCO – July 29, 2020 In an effort to help a government in the Middle East to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Bahwan Cybertek (BCT) will deploy technology from SingleStore, The Single Database for All Data-Intensive Applications for operational analytics and cloud-native applications. The effort is led by a large technology company in the region.

The client company offers digital services and information and communications technology solutions in several categories, including cybersecurity, digital media, financial technology, IT and telecommunications. For this project, it is collecting data from other telcos in the region to present the relevant government ministry with a unified view of the coronavirus situation and enable it to maximize the impact of the solution.

This project requires the ingestion of data from 1.2 billion location points to be joined to 5 million location tiles, each 100 meters square, to specify the location of mobile phones. The location tiles are aggregated into cities, districts, and regions to provide an understanding of point-in-time population density.

At first, the company attempted to use technology from Teradata for this joint process, but a test query never returned. When Hadoop was tried, it took more than a day to return results. SingleStore replies to the same complex query in 20 minutes. Using SingleStore, the complete workflow process was built in just three weeks.

The client company obtained the SingleStore technology through its work with BCT, the leading systems integrator in the Middle East, which also has significant operations in India. BCT specializes in digital experience, digital supply chain management, and predictive analytics.

Leveraging its international network of industry experts across a range of industries, BCT has delivered digital transformation solutions to more than 1,000 customers in banking, government, oil & gas, power, retail, and supply chain management (SCM)/logistics across Africa, Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, and North America.

“SingleStore is excited to be working with BCT as a systems integration and reseller partner to serve this client, which evaluated several market-leading products and chose SingleStore for its ability to manage workloads at a massive scale, pull in data from a very diverse set of systems with high concurrency, and to answer SQL queries at amazing speeds,” said Raj Verma, SingleStore co-CEO. “This customer achieved more than three million transactions per second within the first few weeks of using SingleStore.”

BCT has deep relationships with its customers and helps its clients – some of whom are also SingleStore clients – get the maximum value from their technology investments. BCT is building deep capabilities related to SingleStore technology, which it is combining with its other domain and technology experience to help customers succeed throughout their digital transformation journeys. Meanwhile, BCT, SingleStore, and the client company are now launching multiple additional projects, reducing the client company’s dependence on Oracle and Teradata, and augmenting its existing Hadoop environment.

“Companies that invest more in digital transformation actually outperform their peers over time,” said S. Durgaprasad (DP), co-founder, director, and group CEO of BCT. “These companies are more prepared for disruption, and better able to monetize new digital channels and build bigger user bases. What’s more, this phenomenon exists regardless of industry vertical.”

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