Gartner Peer Insights Applauds SingleStore


Floyd Smith

Director, Content Marketing

Gartner Peer Insights Applauds SingleStore

Gartner Peer Insights features technology product reviews from enterprise users, with more than 300,000 reviews covering nearly 6,000 products in more than 330 categories. Upholding their reputation as top industry analysts for enterprise technology, Gartner sees to it that the reviews are, in their words, “rigorously vetted,” with “no vendor bias.” SingleStore has nearly two dozen reviews, with an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Reviews cover  highlighting key points of what the software does for users. For those who want to know more about SingleStore, these reviews are a stellar resource. And, for those who are already SingleStore users, you can post a review today.

Each rating includes dozens of areas for comment, in several distinctive areas: evaluation & contracting, such as reasons for purchase; integration & deployment, such as listing other platforms and products the software will be integrated with; service & support, such as the quality of support; product capabilities, such as the variety of data types supported; and additional context.

Gartner Peer Insights has SingleStore reviews from enterprise users.

Across the reviews, several key points come up:

  • Speed. SingleStore is fast – “blazing fast aggregate queries,” says one user. “The queries perform really well on sharded data,” says another. A third liked “fast data ingest – running at a trillion rows per second.” A senior consultant with a large manufacturer described “10x to 100x performance improvements compared to Microsoft SQL Server.”
  • Scalability. SingleStore is a scalable SQL database, a rare commodity, since legacy databases don’t scale easily, if at all. This opens up a range of capabilities; “creating pipelines within SQL is amazing.”
  • MySQL compatibility. SingleStore supports ANSI SQL, and is wire protocol-compatible with MySQL, making it easy to integrate and easy to use. “The learning curve with our engineers was minimal,” said one user. “It’s friendly for a MySQL user, but faster,” said another.
  • Flexibility. “SingleStore has a hybrid, rowstore and columnstore solution to resolve different use cases.” This flexible architecture was mentioned by many reviewers.

Reviewers also shared a few things they wanted others to be aware of, in addition to the positives. “Make sure you understand the difference between the memory engine and the columnstore engine,” reads one review. Several said scaling to a larger or smaller footprint should be smoother.

Reviewers integrated SingleStore with a wide range of widely used technologies, including:

  • MySQL, S3, and PHP.
  • Python, Databricks, and Tableau.
  • Other business intelligence (BI) products, such as DundasBI.

One user replaced SAP Sybase with SingleStore; two others replaced Microsoft SQL Server. Most deployments took from zero to three months.

Several comments summarized users’ reactions. “If you could start over, what would your organization do differently?,” says one question. The answer: “Start using SingleStore earlier”; another echoed, “Pick SingleStore sooner.”  A highly satisfied user purchased SingleStore to “create internal/operational efficiencies” and “drive innovation.”

Other comments described the “strong customer focus” of SingleStore, the way in which the product is “evolving fast,” and the “strong roadmap” for feature development. “An awesome team,” said one user in finance, who also said that their own “engineering teams are very happy with the product.”

Much of the value of review sites like this one comes from the large number of distinctive voices that contribute. If you are already a SingleStore user, you can post a review today. If not, you can also read about the reviews on, and ask questions on, or on the SingleStore Forums. And you can try SingleStore for free today.