Within the database industry, there are often paradigm shifts in the market that create opportunities for new types of technology to emerge. When those shifts happen, new technology requirements come up and old technologies do not satisfy those requirements. There have been many shifts in the database market including, NoSQL, big data, in-memory, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and many others.
Recently, SingleStore CEO and Co-founder, Nikita Shamgunov, presented to a group of database professionals at the New York City Database Month meetup group about these shifts, and specifically, how database convergence will impact the coming decades of data management. He discussed the latest innovations in data management, and how utilizing a distributed and scalable converged database can optimize transactional and analytical workloads. He also showed the technical impact of real-time data pipelines and scalable SQL in a distributed computing platform that is designed for addressing challenging financial application scenarios.
Watch to view a demo of large scale data (several billion rows) that is processing on Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and real-time image recognition.
View the presentation slides here.
Thank you to NYC Database Month, the largest database meetup in NYC, for hosting us! To learn more and to see their upcoming list of events, please visit http://www.databasemonth.com/.
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