In Defense of Big Data: How Federal Agencies can Tackle Today’s Data Challenges


Mark Horton

Director of Product Marketing at SingleStore

In Defense of Big Data: How Federal Agencies can Tackle Today’s Data Challenges

Government agencies are struggling to extend the lifecycle of applications that were not built for today’s data velocity and volume. CIOs and CTOs from many agencies tell us that they are struggling to scale with growing data volumes and can not deliver on the response times that their end users expect.

That’s why we’re excited about our presentation next week at IDGA’s Data Analytics for Government Conference. Carl Wright, EVP Sales for SingleStore, will explain how federal agencies can upgrade their infrastructure so yesterday’s applications can handle today’s Big Data.

Aside from our industry-leading ingestion and query response rates, our government partners recognize significant benefits from their ability to horizontally scale SingleStore’s real-time analytics platform on commodity hardware. They can manage growing data volumes very inexpensively and without the rip-and-replace distractions and downtime of a traditional database upgrade.

Of course, speed is also critical. When the results of queries can save lives or help determine where to deliver precious resources in emergency situations, sub-second responses take on a whole new level of importance. With a steady flow of new information being loaded into the system, SingleStore will continue providing incredible response times on both real-time and historical data.

If you’re attending Data Analytics for Government, please join us for the presentation to learn how SingleStore can help you with your real-time Big Data analytics initiatives. Be sure to stop by our booth and see a demo of SingleStore in action with our partner TVAR Solutions.