2018 Outlook: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Kristi Lewandowski

Director of Communications

2018 Outlook: Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Recently, SingleStore commissioned a survey with O’Reilly Media to learn more about the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the workplace. According to the survey of over 1,600 respondents, 61 percent of respondents, regardless of company size, indicated ML and AI as their companies’ most significant data initiative for next year, when asked to pick from several options likely to be important concerns in today’s climate; with big data and business analytics initiatives coming in at a close second (58 percent).

Additional Key Survey Findings

  • 65 percent respondents using and planning to use ML/AI cited that a key aspect of adopting ML and AI was to enable more informed business decision making, underscoring the importance of these technologies for analytics.
  • 74 percent of all respondents consider ML and AI to be a game changer, indicating it had the potential to transform their job and industry.
  • Of those indicating they actively use ML and AI, 58 percent indicated they ran models in production.
  • The findings also suggest that uses of such technologies are evolving rapidly, with 77 percent of respondents actively using ML/AI indicating that creating new models was part of their short-term goals.

As ML and AI technologies spread through organizations, the need for data scientists and other technical professionals is growing. To make the jobs of these professionals easier, they will need to assess the technology infrastructure stacks already in place to support the new technologies.

These survey results underscore the need for an intelligent database that can support advanced workloads. SingleStore is the database for transactions and analytics at scale, allowing data scientists to do model and operationalize advanced computations quickly. SingleStore has native integrations with Apache Kafka, including exactly once semantics, and a high performance parallel connector to Apache Spark.

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