451 Research Webcast: In-Memory Computing Market Predictions 2017


Emily Friedman

Marketing Communications for SingleStore.

451 Research Webcast: In-Memory Computing Market Predictions 2017

Adoption of in-memory technology solutions is happening faster than ever. This stems from a three pronged demand – first, a greater number of users, analysts, and businesses need access to data. Second, the number of transactions is increasing globally, so companies need faster ingest and analytics engines. Finally, performance inconsistencies are the nail in the coffin for companies competing in the on-demand economy – these enterprises need the responsiveness in-memory technology provides.

In addition to these rising demands for real-time data access and analytics, several other factors contribute to in-memory technology adoption as outlined in the following graphic:

Companies must evaluate what in-memory solution best fits their business needs– whether it is a pure in-memory database, a disk-based/persistent database with an in-memory column store, or an in-memory data grid.

Our recent 451 Research and SingleStore webcast dives deep into the current state of in-memory computing and offers enterprises strategic steps for selecting the right technology for their needs.

Watch now to discover:

  • How to classify different in-memory systems
  • The business advantages of in-memory computing
  • In-memory use cases from leading corporations
  • Predictions for the future of in-memory solutions

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