SingleStore Cited As a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm


Freja Mickos

Freja is a summer marketing intern at SingleStore, and is currently a student at the University of Boston

SingleStore Cited As a Strong Performer by Independent Research Firm

As adoption of in-memory databases grows at a faster and faster pace, IT leaders turn to research firms to find valuable use cases and guidance for purchasing options. We are thrilled to share that SingleStore was among the select companies that Forrester Research invited to participate in its 2015 Forrester Wave™ evaluation. In this evaluation, SingleStore was cited as a strong performer for in-memory database platforms. The report, The Forrester Wave™: In-Memory Database Platforms, Q3 2015, evaluates in-memory databases across three categories: current offering, strategy and market presence.

SingleStore received some of its highest scores in the subcategories of scale-out architecture, performance and scale, and product road map. Much of our company’s recent growth and success can be attributed to our strong leadership team and constant iteration from engineering on the product, as we work closely with our customers to solve their big data and analytics challenges.

Authors of the Forrester Wave™ write, “today’s in-memory database platforms are changing the way we build and deliver systems of engagement and are transforming the practice of analytics, predictive modeling, and business transaction management.”  At SingleStore, we have championed in-memory computing since day one. When Eric Frenkiel and Nikita Shamgunov left Facebook to start SingleStore, they knew that a real-time, in-memory approach to data processing and analytics was the answer to closing gaps for enterprises using big data. The major benefit of in-memory platforms is the great performance they provide when working with massive volumes of data. We believe the Forrester Wave™ report validates this approach, stating that “the in-memory database market is new but growing fast as more enterprise architecture professionals see in-memory as a way to address their top data management challenges.”

There’s another reason why in-memory technology is going to become even more critical in the next several years: predictive applications. Consumers desire personalization from every single application they use across numerous devices. Data is at the crux of predictive analytics, which transcends “context-aware” technology by enabling seamless interaction between customer and app. Companies need instantaneous access to hot data to power these kinds of seamless interactions.

Many of our customers are in the throes of building predictive applications, and we get to provide fast, scalable infrastructure to support them. Overall, we are very excited that SingleStore has been recognized by Forrester as a strong performer. The Forrester Wave™ concludes its section on SingleStore with the following line: “customers that are building new transactional and analytical applications that need extreme performance and low-latency access and want a single database platform should look at SingleStore.” We agree.