Learn How to Build Your Own Analytic Platform


Mark Horton

Director of Product Marketing at SingleStore

Learn How to Build Your Own Analytic Platform

Analytic platforms can be difficult to build, even more so when you need to factor in ingestion and querying of real-time data. With so many vendors making competing and overlapping claims, it’s easy to be overwhelmed.

That’s why it’s important to take a step back and consider a third-party perspective. SingleStore is hosting a webinar next week with well-respected analyst Matt Aslett of 451 Research on key criteria that enterprises should keep in mind as they build analytic platforms to derive value from terabytes of data. After speaking with Matt on many occasions, it’s clear he has great insight on how a real-time analytics platform is different from a traditional data warehouse or a Hadoop cluster – and how all three can work in concert in an enterprise data environment. Matt frequently discusses how analytic platforms must be able to scale incrementally; integrate with existing data technologies; and enable you to respond to rapidly changing business environments.

Are you currently working on an analytics or real-time data project? Register for the webinar to hear Matt’s advice. If there are criteria you’d like to understand, please mention it in the comments below so Matt and SingleStore can incorporate them into the webinar.