SingleStore at Gartner Business Analytics and Intelligence Summit


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SingleStore at Gartner Business Analytics and Intelligence Summit

We are thrilled to be in Las Vegas this week for the Gartner Business Analytics and Intelligence Summit. We will be at booth #119 and we have a ton in store for the event, including games and giveaways, happy hour for attendees, and a featured session from SingleStore CEO, Eric Frenkiel.

We will also be showcasing our new geospatial capabilities, and a demo of how Pinterest is using SingleStore and Spark for real-time analytics.

Free Gartner Report: Market Guide for In-Memory DBMS
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From the report…

“The growing number of high performance, response-time critical and low-latency use cases (such as real-time repricing, power grid rerouting, logistics optimization), which are fast becoming vital for better business insight, require faster database querying, concurrency of access and faster transactional and analytical processing. IMDBMSs provide a potential solution to all these challenging use cases, thereby accelerating its adoption.”

From Spark to Ignition: Fueling Your Business on Real-Time Analytics
SingleStore CEO and Founder, Eric Frenkiel, will discuss how moving from batch-oriented data silos to real-time pipelines means replacing batch processes with online datasets that can be modified and queried concurrently. This session will cover use cases and customer deployments of Hybrid Transaction/Analytic Processing (HTAP) using SingleStore and Spark.

Session Details

  • Speaker: Eric Frenkiel, SingleStore CEO and Founder
  • Data and Time: 12:30pm–12:50pm Monday, 3/30/2015
  • Location: Theater A, Forum Ballroom

join-single-store-on-monday-night-for-happy-hourJoin SingleStore on Monday Night for Happy Hour

We will be hosting a happy hour at Carmine’s in The Form Shops at Caesars on Monday night at 8:00PM. ALTER TABLE TINIs and heavy hors d’oeuvres will be served. Stop by and meet with SingleStore CEO, Eric Frenkiel and CMO, Gary Orenstein. More details here.

suggested-sessionsSuggested Sessions

We have handpicked a few sessions that you don’t want to miss.

Do We Still Need a Data Warehouse?
Speaker: Donald Feinberg VP Distinguished Analyst
30 March 2015 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM
For more than a decade, the data warehouse has been the architectural foundation of most BI and analytic activity. However, various trends (in-memory, Hadoop, big data and the Internet of Things) have compelled many to ask whether the data warehouse is still needed. This session provides guidance on how to craft a more modern strategy for data warehousing.

Will Hadoop Jump the Spark?
Speaker: Merv Adrian Research VP
31 March 2015 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM
The Hadoop stack continues its dramatic transformation. The emergence of Apache Spark, suitable for many parts of your analytic portfolio, will rewrite the rules, but its readiness and maturity are in question.

The DBMS Dilemma: Choosing the Right DBMS For The Digital Business
Speaker: Donald Feinberg VP Distinguished Analyst
31 March 2015 2:00 PM to 2:45 PM
As your organization moves into the digital business era, the DBMS needs to support not only new information types but also the new transactions and analytics required for the future. The DBMS as we know it is changing. This session will explore the new information types, new transaction types and the technology necessary to support this.

games-and-giveawaysGames and Giveaways

Be sure to stop by Booth #119 at the event. We will be giving away t-shirts and Estes flying drones! If you would like to schedule a meeting or demonstration with SingleStore while at the show you can do so here.

Hope to see you at Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics Summit!