SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5.1 Enhances Security for Real-Time Enterprises


Doug Doan

Doug is Director of Infrastructure Quality Engineering at SingleStore

SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5.1 Enhances Security for Real-Time Enterprises

Enterprises seek real-time data and analytics solutions to stay current in competitive, fast-evolving markets. Companies dealing in private information, such as healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and the public sector have historically been limited in their pursuit of real-time results, given stringent security requirements. Today, we announce the availability of SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5.1. This release adds Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to the already powerful SingleStoreDB Self-Managed 5, unlocking the gateway to real-time for companies with comprehensive security requirements.

industry-standard-securityIndustry Standard Security

Protecting data from malicious users is a top priority for SingleStore customers. Granting access to specific people is a key mechanism for data protection. But managing users one at a time is difficult to when a large number of people use the system. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is an industry best practice used by many organizations for simplifying data access management.

With this release, SingleStore Enterprise Edition enables organizations to leverage the power of roles. To enable this feature, two new objects were added to the security model: roles and groups. Roles are collections of permissions and groups are collections of users. Roles are then applied to groups and users are put into groups. Customers can create their own roles such as:

  • Security Officer – manages users and passwords
  • Cluster Administrator – manages the SingleStore cluster
  • Backup Operator – performs backups
  • Application User – executes per-application DML statements

SingleStore also provides management functions that determine the set of permissions for a given user.

The RBAC feature was extensively tested with a rigorous set of functional and performance tests, including inside a FIPS 140-2 environment. With our performance tests, we validated that a cluster can have up 30,000 roles and 30,000 groups without any significant degradation in query performance.

Read more about RBAC in SingleStore reference documentation.

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