Tech Field Day is coming to  San Francisco next week with a focus on data, and that means time for a party!
On Wednesday, May 13th, at 6:00pm in San Francisco, we will gather with industry participants and expert delegates from Tech Field day for an evening of food, drinks, and engaging conversation about All Things Data!
About Tech Field Day
From big data to analytics to hyperscale architecture and cloud security, a new wave of innovation is transforming IT. The old way of doing things can’t keep up with the proliferation of data and micro-services essential to deliver services to mobile devices and the Internet-connected world. These “new stack” companies and technologies have a different audience from the traditional infrastructure. That’s why we created Data Field Day!
6:00 – 7:00 : Welcome reception, food and drinks (non-alcoholic too!)
7:00 – 8:00 : Ignite presentations
8:00 – 9:00 : More networking, food and drinks
The event will include all of the delegates from Tech Field day listed below.
Please RSVP for this free event and we hope to see you there.
Andrew Mauro
Andrew Mauro@Andrea_Mauro
IT Architect with focus on virtualization, cloud and storage
Joey D’Antoni@JDAnton
Native New Orleanian, Database Professional, Lover of food and wine, cyclist. Microsoft SQL Server MVP
John Obeto
John Obeto@JohnObeto
I like SMBs and Windows
John Troyer
John Troyer@JTroyer
Leader of the TechReckoning community, podcaster, blogger, analyst
Josh Luedeman
Josh Luedeman@JoshLuedeman
Josh Luedeman is a Consultant for Pragmatic Works, that works on projects involving Big Data, Business Intelligence, and Cloud Architecture.
Justin Warren
Justin Warren@JPWarren
Justin is a consultant and freelance journalist who enjoys coding in Python and words that are fun to say, like ‘llama’ and ‘shenanigans’.
Karen Lopez
Karen Lopez@DataChick
Data Evangelist and Architect
Paul Miller
Paul Miller@PaulMiller
Cloud Computing/ Big Data/ Open Data Analyst & Consultant. Writer, Speaker & Moderator. Gigaom Research Analyst. Based in UK, clients world-wide.
Theo Priestley
Theo Priestley@ITredux
Technology Evangelist, Analyst, Startup Advisor, Geek
Yves Mulkers
Yves Mulkers@YvesMulkers
BI Professional enjoying family, business intelligence, data, music, and DJ-ing. BBBT member.
See you then! Please RSVP.