Advisory firm Ventana Research has released a new Analyst Viewpoint piece, describing the need for “a bridge between analytics and operational systems” in AI and machine learning. Although the report does not name any specific product, such a bridge must have “scalability, elasticity and real-time processing capabilities” – a nearly perfect description of SingleStore.
In this Analyst Viewpoint, David Menninger SVP and Research Director at Ventana, describes AI and ML as useful – but as also being demanding on an organization’s IT infrastructure. Both large volumes of historical data, and live, up-to-the-minute new data, need to be brought together in real time. The process of scoring records – something that SingleStore is widely used for, as in this case study from child safety nonprofit Thorn – is key to the success deployment of many ML models.
The report also cites key benefits of machine learning. Intriguingly, four of the six key benefits are forward-looking, areas where a company is moving into the future: competitive advantage, customer experience, increased revenues, and the ability to respond to opportunities faster. These reasons, combined, are cited as primary by 87% of the respondents in a previous Ventana report. Only 13% of respondents cited pain reduction, making things better in the short term: reducing errors and lowered costs.