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SingleStore Compute Service

Power enterprise AI apps and ML flows on SingleStore

SingleStore Compute Service brings speciality compute to run Python and third-party apps next to your SingleStore database.

Say goodbye to configuring and maintaining your own compute instances and VPCs, or worrying about expensive jobs to run AI workloads with your data. Compute Service empowers all developers to build analytical or AI applications within SingleStore — all with enterprise-grade security and governance, performance-at-scale and cost savings.

Deploy and scale powerful CPUs and GPUs for your application code and workloads: data analysis with SQL and Python, scheduled jobs for ETL and ML flows, and building dashboards and BI. None of your data needs to leave to your secure SingleStore environment.

power-enterprise-grade-generative-ai-apps-on-single-storePower enterprise-grade generative AI apps on SingleStore

Co-locate GPUs/ CPUs with SingleStore deployment

Bring speciality compute to your enterprise data with full security and governance

Simplify deployment and management of compute instances without VPCs, Private Links, etc.

No expensive jobs required to process and transform data outside SingleStores

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Run sophisticated AI + analytical workloads

Bring your own AI/ML algorithms, models and Python UDFs

Schedule and share insights + leverage Python libraries to build graphs on your real-time data

Leverage GPUs to make generative AI apps

Speed up vector index build times by using GPUs

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Automate ETL + MLOps processing

Run streaming or batch ETL pipelines on schedule

Call stored procedures, add embeddings to real-time data — all within your data engineering workflow

Reduce spend on computationally expensive jobs

Power AI models and applications with fresh data at all times

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simplify-your-data-architectureSimplify your data architecture

SingleStore makes it easier than ever to build sophisticated analytical or AI applications with — all with enterprise-grade security and governance, performance at scale and cost savings.

You can interface with our compute service using familiar SQL and Python within SingleStore Notebooks. Notebooks make it incredibly easy to collaborate among your team, import your favorite libraries, share insights from real-time data and run inference models.

SingleStore also automatically manages your infrastructure and the operational components of your production workflows so you can focus on what matters — not configuring tools, moving data and managing duplications.

build-on-a-secure-isolated-fully-managed-cloud-environmentBuild on a secure, isolated, fully managed cloud environment

With SingleStore compute service, you can streamline all workflows directly in real time, without moving data to a lakehouse. 

Application development
Power all parts of your app directly with SingleStore’s real-time insights, models and embeddings

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Data engineering
Parallelize, automate and streamline ETL workflows on batch and streaming data directly on SingleStore

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Data science
Generate, leverage and share actionable insights on all real-time and historical data

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streamline-workflows-and-eliminate-unnecessary-toolingStreamline workflows and eliminate unnecessary tooling

Here are just a few things (private preview) customers are building using SingleStore compute service, Jobs and Notebooks