PlanetScale to SingleStore Migrator

How to migrate from PlanetScale to SingleStore

  1. Create a free account with SingleStore. You can use our free Shared Tier, or get $600 in free credit for our paid tier.

  2. In the SingleStore Portal create a workspace. Once that's created, create a database that is attached to that workspace.

  3. Copy the connection string for the workspace and paste it in the "SingleStore connection string" field below.

    SingleStore find connection string

    We'll make some changes to this connection string to add all the required information:

    1. Ensure that you also insert the username (defaults to admin) and password (which you are required to set before you get your connection string).

    2. Add the name of the database you created to the end of the connection string like so /<database>

    3. You should adjust the connection string to be in this format:mysql://<username>:<password>@<host>:<port>/<database>

  4. Run pscale db dump <DATABASE_NAME> <BRANCH_NAME> from the Planetscale CLI

  5. Your generated dump files will have a structure similar to this:

    ├── metadata
    ├── project.table1-schema.sql
    ├── project.table1.00001.sql
    ├── project.table2-schema.sql
    └── project.table2.00001.sql

    Paste each dump file in the text box below, ensuring you paste the table schemas before the data. In this example project.table1-schema.sql before project.table1.00001.sql etc.

  6. Click "Import to SingleStore"


Having trouble?

Learn more about loading data into SingleStore from MySQL, or load data directly from PlanetScale using SingleStore Pipelines.