Real-Time Analytics for JSON. Reborn.

The API for 100x faster analytics on MongoDB®. No query changes. No transformations.
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SingleStore is not a MongoDB® partner. SingleStore Kai is an API that offers compatibility and enhanced performance for applications built on MongoDB®.

The Real-Time Challenge of JSON Data

Users have often turned to MongoDB® to store and process JSON data. However, MongoDB® is a document database and isn’t performant enough or designed to power fast analytics or aggregations on JSON.
Challenge of JSON Data

Introducing SingleStore Kai™

SingleStore Kai™ is a fast, easy and powerful API to drive up to 100x faster analytics on your MongoDB® applications — without any query changes, application migration or data transformations.
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100x Faster Analytics

Drive up to 100x faster aggregations and analytics on JSON data for your MongoDB® applications — and up to 1,000x for some queries.
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Zero Code Changes.
Zero Data Transformations.

No need for any schema migrations or changes to MongoDB® queries for most applications.
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Generative AI on JSON Data

Run vector and semantic searches with dot_product and euclidean_distance on JSON data.
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Combined Power of SQL & NoSQL

Get the schema flexibility and ease-of-use of NoSQL, with the speed and analytical power of SQL.

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SingleStore Kai™ is now generally available (GA) on all major clouds, and is included at no additional cost.
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Singlestore Kai

See It in Action

Get a side-by-side comparison of how SingleStore Kai™ performs against MongoDB® when it comes to analytics — even with 10x the data.
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SingleStore Kai and MongoDB<sup>®</sup> comparison

SingleStore vs. MongoDB® Query Performance

Curious how SingleStore Kai™ stacks up against MongoDB® for query speed? Check out the full results on our blog.
(Lower is Better)
Query 1SingleStore Kai™: 0.014s MongoDB Atlas 12.528s


Query 2SingleStore Kai™: 0.149s MongoDB Atlas 21.187s


Query 3SingleStore Kai™: 0.188s MongoDB Atlas 44.678s


Query 4SingleStore Kai™: 0.271s MongoDB Atlas 81.120s



How SingleStore Kai™ Delivers Faster JSON Analytics

Singlestore Kai Schematics
Check Circle IconAugment MongoDB®
SingleStore effectively augments MongoDB®to serve as the analytical engine (while MongoDB® continues to be the operational database). 
Check Circle IconReal-Time CDC
SingleStore Kai™ features new native data replication tooling that gives you the ability to do a one-time snapshot, or continuous CDC from MongoDB® to SingleStore.
Check Circle IconWire Compatible
SingleStore Kai™ is MongoDB® wire compatible, translating MongoDB® queries into SQL statements. So no re-writing your MongoDB® queries or undertaking complex data transformations.
Check Circle IconKai + Notebooks
With native integration and support for MongoDB® drivers, Notebooks, Kai Shell and a free tier to get started, SingleStore Kai™ makes it easy for developers to build applications using JSON

How to get started with SingleStore Kai™

With three easy steps, developers can now drive fast analytics on their JSON collections within MongoDB®. Looking for more ways to achieve faster analytics with SingleStore Kai™? Read our documentation.
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db.runCommand({ createLink: "myLink", uri: "mongodb+srv://admin:<password> ?retryWrites=true&w=majority", });