Kollective Selects SingleStore for Real-Time Insights to Live Corporate Videos

SingleStore Powers The Kollective Real-Time Application Ensuring Data Driven Confidence With Comprehensive Analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Feb 15, 2017 - SingleStore, provider of the fastest database platform for real-time analytics, today announced that Kollective, a leading software-defined content delivery network company, has deployed SingleStore for real-time insights for live corporate videos. Kollective enables some of the largest, most successful, global companies to power their Enterprise Live and On-Demand video delivery, serving millions of users worldwide.

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Live video is already a part of our personal routines with the proliferation of applications like Facebook, Periscope, and Snapchat. As the corporate world becomes more digitized, the pressure on enterprises to provide for live video communication continues to grow.

Recently the CEO of Accenture North America Julie Sweet, revealed a sweeping declaration to her $16 billion operation. Sweet banned the memo for employee communications and instead vowed to only use live-streamed conversations or video messages as the way to engage her 50,000 employees.

Using SingleStore, Kollective has built a real-time insights application for its software-defined content delivery network providing operation critical analytics during live events and broadcasts. The combination of the Kollective solution with SingleStore allows companies to measure and visualize employee engagement in real-time while the CEO delivers his or her message.

The real-time data enables C-level executives to understand the number of concurrent viewers, the viewing experience, viewer engagement, and network efficiency. For example, a CEO can add more talking points on-the-fly on European strategies when a large contingent of European Union employees join an event, or proactively message remote office employees if they experience a gap in video quality. This powerful analytics suite puts the power of instant, engaging video communications directly in the hands of the executive suite.

"The world is becoming increasingly digital and enterprises need to follow suit with their employee communications. Static is out and dynamic is in, and with more millennials joining the workforce, video communication is becoming the norm," said Eric Frenkiel, CEO and Co-founder, SingleStore. "With SingleStore, Kollective has built a powerful real-time insights application for its software-defined enterprise content delivery network—boosting employee engagement and improving communication."

“At Kollective, we understand the power of empathetic, compelling employee communications delivered through live video to thousands of employees,” said Todd Johnson, President at Kollective. “Companies need both a high-quality viewing experience as well as robust real-time analytics. With these elements in place, leading enterprises can develop high-quality, engaging communications channels between executives and employees.”

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