SingleStore Sets the Bar for Real-Time, Big Data Analytics

Third-party Benchmark Showcases Unmatched Scalability, Linear Performance and Superior Speed of Company’s Leading In-Memory Database

SAN FRANCISCO, August 20, 2013 - SingleStore, today announced a benchmark report that establishes the company’s distributed in-memory database as the standard for real-time, Big Data analytics. Conducted by leading IT market research firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), the report finds that SingleStore delivers outstanding performance and linear scalability, superior reliability and durability, and the ability to support rapid data growth. ESG Lab performed the assessment via hands-on tests with a data set and queries designed to emulate real-world applications.

"Organizations today increasingly need a fast and easily scalable database to query Big Data in order to meet the real-time demands of their business,” said Tony Palmer, senior ESG Lab analyst. “Throughout our tests, SingleStore’s distributed in-memory database demonstrated outstanding ingest and query performance, with ingest and queries occurring concurrently. As a result, we would recommend businesses take a serious look at SingleStore as a solution that provides highly available, high-performance, real-time, Big Data analytics at scale.”

SingleStore's distributed technology provides the combination of in-memory speed and a scalable relational in-memory database management system out of the box. As a result, companies can manage the velocity of Big Data transactions without sacrificing their ability to interact with and analyze that data via SQL – the most popular database language. Enterprises like Zynga and Shutterstock are already using SingleStore in production for operational analytics, network security, real-time recommendations, and risk management.

“We’re excited to back the value our customers are experiencing with trusted results from an industry leader like ESG Lab,” said Eric Frenkiel, CEO, SingleStore. “More than ever, there is immense pressure on companies to deliver fast, meaningful insights that can be converted into increased revenue opportunities, market share gains, and improved customer experiences. Organizations need to look no further than our distributed in-memory database to drive these real-time analytics that drive increased business value.”

SingleStore’s linear scalability provides the most efficient and fastest query performance on terabytes of data. During the tests, as the SingleStore real-time analytics platform scaled from 20 to 80 nodes, ESG Lab found that the amount of data that could be ingested increased linearly while queries continued to execute remarkably fast. SingleStore was able to insert millions of rows per second while executing complex queries and presenting insight into huge data sets in seconds.

Additional highlights of the report include:

  • SingleStore was able to consume millions of rows of dataper second while executing complex queries andpresenting rapid insight into terabyte scale data sets.
  • ESG Lab performed all these tests (even spinning up andterminating the clusters) in a matter of hours, which isunheard of with traditional databases.
  • With the cluster degraded, ESG Lab validated thedurability and reliability of SingleStore. All data wasstill available with minimal impact on performance ortotal available memory.
  • ESG Lab rebalanced the cluster to redistribute the dataevenly across all nodes with minimal impact.

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SingleStore is the leader in real-time Big Data analytics, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions, better engage customers, and gain a competitive advantage. The in-memory distributed database at the heart of SingleStore’s real-time analytics platform is proven in production environments across hundreds of nodes in the most high-velocity Big Data environments in the world. Based in San Francisco, SingleStore is a Y Combinator company funded by prominent venture capitalists and angel investors, including First Round Capital and New Enterprise Associates. For more information, please visit

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