Customer Stories

Dan McCaffrey
Dan McCaffrey,
VP Analytics, Teespring
Capturing real-time business insights is an ongoing process, but the positive effects have already been felt, demonstrated by our ability to personalize and target our website and marketing efforts.
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Darryl Smith
Darryl Smith,
Chief Data Platform Architect, DellEMC
The addition of SingleStore…helps us stream data across numerous sources and accounts, eliminating historical latency…Now, we are able to provide teams with accurate information down to the latest event, and act quickly on behalf of our customers.
Frank Lenveneur
Frank Lenveneur,
Data Service Tech Lead, Wag!
Backfilling a 700M row table in less than 20 minutes on a live MemSQL database in production…SingleStore makes this process a walk in the park.
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Aatif Din
Aatif Din,
Principal Engineer, Fanatics
With SingleStore…Fanatics ingests all its enterprise sources into SingleStore, integrates the data, and gains a comprehensive view of the current state of the business.
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Robert Speck
Robert Speck,
Chief Technical Officer, Novus
We went from a cycle of data refreshing that essentially went around the clock, to just an hour or two at night. Now we can actually scale as we bring on new clients.
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