SingleStore Expands Capabilities for Real-Time Applications and Workloads

Latest product release enables superior data experiences for customers; company plans to demo at [r]evolution 2022 event this Summer

SAN FRANCISCO – June 22, 2022 – SingleStore, which delivers SingleStoreDB, the real-time distributed SQL database designed for data-intensive applications, today announced the latest updates to its offering. The new capabilities extend its position as the industry’s leading database for unified transactions and analytics by empowering customers to build and scale real-time applications and analytical workloads with simplicity and efficiency. With its pioneering technology, SingleStoreDB has been helping customers create fast, interactive modern SaaS applications while lowering the costs and complexity of data infrastructure.

“It has become essential for companies to reevaluate their data strategies to better support modern SaaS applications and also remain competitive in an era dominated by data intensity. With our new suite of updates, we’re empowering businesses to do that, as we bring analytics to applications, scale effectively and deliver superior real-time data experiences -  all must-haves for modern databases,” said SingleStore CEO Raj Verma.

Key product announcements include:

  • Workspaces: Provides unparalleled scalability by decoupling compute across individual applications such as operational analytics and real-time machine learning without these workloads interfering with one another. The workloads run on shared databases which minimizes unnecessary data movement, costs and complexity.
  • Code Engine — Powered by Wasm: Allows code to be compiled to a wasm module and ported to several popular runtime environments. Developers can safely and efficiently port over external code libraries into SingleStoreDB. Rich computations can be executed closer to the data, rather than moving data to compute.
  • Flexible Parallelism: Allows customers to use all the cores on their machines to process a single query, improving query performance potentially 4X faster, per SingleStore estimates. This is accomplished by maximizing CPU utilization.
  • Enhancements for Data Security and Access Control: New cloud integrations for Single Sign On (SSO) and Customer-Managed Encryption Keys (CMEK) give enterprises better control of their security posture. SSO is now available with Okta, Ping and Azure Active Directory. Additionally, support for new authentication mechanisms using JWT enables database engineers to go completely password-less.
  • Data API: Enables developers to easily build modern applications with serverless or simple web browser application tiers as well as seamless integrations with SaaS applications. The Data API provides high performance with low administrative overhead (no installations required, no manual admin of database connection pools), and uses HTTP to run SQL operations against the database rather than a persistent TCP connection. With the Data API, the application connection is dynamically reconfigured providing resilience to network changes and failures.
  • dbt Adapter: This adapter enables analytics engineers to easily build, test, document and deploy data pipelines to perform robust enrichment/ transformations using SQL. Analytics engineers can now manage real-time data transformations through SQL views to power low-latency applications, which isn't possible with traditional analytical databases and data warehouses that don't provide operational and analytical capabilities in the same engine.

"Workspaces is very exciting to us because the separation of storage and compute makes it possible to serve even more tenants while ensuring their workloads are isolated and don't affect each other, and allows us to fine tune resources and cost (via workspace size) to match their specific requirements and SLAs.”, said Mauricio Aristizabal, Principal Data Architect,

“The code engine for Wasm in SingleStore is a catalyst for extracting value from our data faster and cheaper by leveraging our enterprise code base in real-time SQL,” said Abel Mascarenhas, IT Unit Manager, Millennium BCP.

“SingleStore is the leader in powering modern real-time applications and analytics, and these features are a testament to our differentiation from other players in the space,” said SingleStore’s SVP, Engineering Shireesh Thota. “We have worked to enhance our technology to make it enterprise and cloud ready with the ability to run anywhere, which is vital for the next era of databases. With these new capabilities of security, scale, real-time analytics, and developer productivity we are set up to deliver a better experience to our customers.”

SingleStore will also announce these and other exciting new updates at (R)Evolution 2022, which will be hosted in San Francisco later this Summer. This event will highlight the new product updates for SingleStoreDB along with demos, and panel discussions with customers and industry leaders discussing the future of databases. 

"SingleStore is super easy to implement and use. You can deploy a cluster in a matter of clicks. The UI is very intuitive, and everything is easy to configure even for a new user. The source configuration is very easy. The query engine is very fast and responsive, computes huge datasets, and delivers results in seconds. It is fast, robust, and has a good IDE. Both MySQL and SingleStore are relational databases but when comparing performance and stability, SingleStore is significantly better in handling large datasets and the UI is also much better than that of MySQL,” said Syed Muneeb Hussain, Big Data Engineering Lead, Alibaba Group.

Momentum continues to build for SingleStore with most recently being recognized by user review site, TrustRadius as a winner of four Top Rated Awards in Relational Databases, Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), In-Memory Databases and Operational Analytics. The company’s headcount has jumped to nearly 400 employees, and it is quickly expanding into Europe and Asia. Finally, SingleStore recently hired Shireesh Thota to lead engineering efforts and closed Series E and F funding rounds late last year.

Finally, SingleStore is hosting a virtual launch event, [r]evolution 2022 on July 13, where the latest product release will be featured and demoed. Register for the event here.


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