Performance That Scales as Fast as Your Businessoverview

SingleStore provides ultra fast queries and elastic scalability to deliver extreme application performance no matter how fast your business is growing. MySQL doesn't scale to meet the needs of modern applications.

Replace MySQL with SingleStore and thrill your customers.

MySQL Wire Compatible

No need to rewrite all of your queries, install new plugins or libraries, or learn new dialects. Use a database that just works.

Unbeatable Speed

Accelerate time to insight with a database built for ultra fast ingest and high performance queries

Extreme Scalability

SingleStore is distributed by design and scales to handle petabytes of data for many of the largest organizations in the world.

Customer Reviews

Developers That Have Switched to SingleStorecustomers

Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis,
Co-Founder, Fathom Analytics
Stupidly Fast.
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Josh Blackburn
Josh Blackburn,
Head of Technology, IEX Cloud
We’ve been able to consolidate multiple databases, run our platform faster, and speed the onboarding processes for new data sets.
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Rajat Goyal
Rajat Goyal,
Co-Founder VP Engineering, Synaptic
SingleStore is now the main datastore for our biggest datasets. It has helped our teams to re-focus their time on building new datasets from scaling the existing ones.
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World Class Customer Support

An Entire Team Committed to Your Successsupport

24x7 Support

Customers can reach out to our Technical Support Engineers at any time. We can help you with performance optimization, schema design, or technical problems.

Our Customers Love Us

If you peruse any of our Gartner Peer reviews, you’ll see how much customers value our technical support.

Commitment to Success

You can reach out to our team with your questions or schedule quick calls to dive deeper into any topic.

Get Started

It’s Easy to Try Outget-started

Create a Cluster

We deploy and manage your cluster on AWS, Azure or Google Compute Cloud. Choose the size of your database cluster and go! Pricing is all incluse: compute, storage, bandwidth and technical support.

Load Your Data

Load your MySQL schema and data dumps with the tools you’re used to using, or use our interactive tutorials to load CSV, JSON, Avro or Parquet files from any major cloud provider.

Optimize Your Queries

Take your queries that were running slowly and run them on your new SingleStore cluster. You’ll immediately see improvements. Further tune your queries using SingleStore tools.

Start for Free.

Get $500 worth of credit to run SingleStore for up to a month in your cloud of choice.