Selecting the Optimal Database for Generative AI

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It’s no secret the fury and frenzy of AI is all around us. In the last six months, we’ve gone from worrying about the next AI winter to wondering if AI is dictating every corner of our lives. Every day brings a new AI application or use cases that pushes the possibilities — and limits — even further. 

Yet despite the constant spotlight on AI, some high-profile missteps are reminding the world of the impact of a poorly designed, incomplete approach. AI’s adoption will boost in a steady, consistent fashion once we can guarantee underlying training data’s veracity. And if we leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) on this collection of data, the possibilities are endless.

In this eBook co-authored with a former Gartner analyst, we’ll explore:

  • How you should evolve your data strategies and existing data infrastructure to leverage LLMs

  • The right strategy and approach for you to take based on existing skills and commitments 

  • The key characteristics you need from a database to support AI workloads

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