From Dashboards to Fastboards with SingleStoreDB Cloud

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Over the last many years, dashboards have proliferated enterprises from the board room to the manufacturing line. As businesses have become increasingly more reliant on analytics, end users have started to demand snappier performance from their dashboards. In this webinar, we discuss three common architectures that have led many companies to dashboarding challenges, as well as how SingleStoreDB Cloud can help.

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  • See how SingleStoreDB Cloud provides native connectivity to dashboard technologies like PowerBI, Looker and Tableau
  • Learn how SingleStoreDB Cloud is helping companies accelerate productivity with dashboard technologies by up to 80x
  • Understand how SingleStoreDB Cloud supports various dashboard use cases, including: operational intelligence, historical reporting, and ad hoc analysis
  • Watch a brief demo of SingleStoreDB Cloud powering a dashboard using real-time advertising event data

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Duration: 20 minutes
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