Distributed SQL: A Primer on Query Processing

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Whether you are new to SingleStore, an experienced developer, or a business champion, this complimentary webinar will get you acquainted with a modern architecture that enables super-fast, low-latency queries to power your data-intensive applications.  

In this free SingleStore Training webinar, we will dive deeper into query processing including Skiplists and Hash Indexes, along with a hands-on lab with our cloud-based SingleStore Studio SQL Editor.

Join our Education Delivery Specialist, David Yakobovitch for a session on Distributed SQL: A Primer on Query Processing to learn how you can deliver low latency, high concurrency, and optimized SQL queries using SingleStore.

As part of this webinar, you’ll learn more about:

  • Behind-the-scenes architecture that enables skiplists and hash indexes to return fast queries.
  • DDL commands to create Columnstore and Rowstore Indexes in SingleStore Studio SQL Editor 
  • SingleStoreDB Cloud benefits to run queries and to manage the operations for SingleStore Databases


  • David Yakobovitch, Sr. Manager, Education Delivery Specialist, SingleStore

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On-Demand Webinar
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