SingleStore: The Modern Database for Time Series, Real Time, and Beyond

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Developers and architects have more database options than ever for their demanding application and analytic projects, resulting in costly evaluations and creation of a growing set of specialized data stores. We all want premium data performance that is easy to use and low cost, yet trade-offs remain with each technology choice.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How the legacy database limits of the past are solved with scalable SQL on distributed optimized compute providing breakthrough performance across data ingestion, transactions, and analytics in a single integrated platform
  • How challenging workloads such as time series and big data analytics are addressed with SingleStore without sacrificing the familiarity of ANSI SQL

Who this session is best for:

Developers and data architects that want an under-the-hood explainer on how a modern database such as SingleStore works, why it can achieve record-breaking performance, and why leading enterprises are using it.

Speaker: Eric Hanson, Principal Product Manager at SingleStore

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Duration: 45 minutes
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