New SingleStoreDB Cloud Tiers: Powering Your Fastboards with an Even Lower TCO

On-Demand Webinar

SingleStoreDB Cloud is powering some of the world’s most innovative, decision-rich fastboards with its optimized engine built for transactions and analytics. What we’ve recently found is that our customers are seeing 100X improvements on dashboard speeds even on low footprint deployments of SingleStoreDB Cloud. We’re happy to announce that we’ve acted on this and introduced new, lower cost points of entry into the service for the benefit of our user base. Watch this webinar to learn how you can create powerful, highly concurrent dashboards at our new S1 tier.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to get started with SingleStoreDB Cloud, and what comes with our new offerings
  • How to connect to your data from Kafka, S3, and other sources to build a responsive dashboard in under 10 minutes
  • Moving forward with an evaluation of our new tiers in a trial or POC

SingleStore is the industry’s leading solution for fast dashboards and responsive web applications. With the release of our new tiers, data analysts and engineers have a way to serve their enterprise with fast data when it matters at a very low monthly cost.

Speaker: Sarung Tripathi, Principal Solutions Consultant

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Duration: 25 Minutes
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