Driving 100x Faster Analytics for Your MongoDB® Apps


SingleStore Kai™ is an API compatible with MongoDB® that enables developers to run blazing-fast analytics on JSON, without having to change queries or refactor their application code written for MongoDB®.

This is indeed a game-changer for application developers, enabling them to take advantage of both SQL and MongoDB APIs in a single database engine to power fast, real-time applications.

Check out this detailed whitepaper to learn more about the details of SingleStore Kai™ including

  • The basics of SingleStore Kai™ - the MongoDB® API
  • Underlying architecture and how it works
  • Why it matters and key benefits for developers
  • New native replication tool for MongoDB®
  • Key adoption models for SingleStore Kai™ &
  • How to get started with SingleStore Kai™

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SingleStoreDB is The Real-Time Distributed SQL Database, designed for data-intensive applications.single-store-db-is-the-real-time-distributed-sql-database-designed-for-data-intensive-applications

The cloud-native operational database built for speed and scale


Accelerate business with instant insights delivered by the world’s fastest database for operational analytics


Create your future on a platform made for the demands of the data revolution, including machine learning and AI


Transform on your terms - with the familiarity and efficiency of SQL, and an architecture that bursts through limits