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obliterate-data-bottlenecks-with-nearly-unlimited-scaleObliterate Data Bottlenecks with Nearly Unlimited Scale

Avoid the chronic performance bottlenecks of databases like MySQL, Redis, and Elasticsearch with SingleStore, the one database for data-intensive workloads. SingleStore enables you to scale your data infrastructure, power real-time analytics, and ensure that you have the backend stability you need to successfully deliver your SaaS product every time.

Data Migration
Simplify data migration

Database Consolidation
Consolidate multiple databases for performance and economy

Scale data infrastructure without slowing services

Accelerate analytics and improve user experience(s)

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Enjoy the ultra-high performance and elastic scalability of SingleStore.

turbocharge-your-saa-s-applications-and-ap-is-with-single-storeTurbocharge Your SaaS Applications and APIs With SingleStore

Strong and Scalable Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

Simplify your data architecture while delivering the speed and scalability you need to grow your business while reducing your monthly cloud costs by 50% or more.

enhanced-reliability-and-flexibilityEnhanced Reliability and Flexibility

Our highly-scalable, distributed system balances data and queries across a cluster of cloud instances or commodity hardware for maximum performance, concurrency, and availability

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Separation of Storage and Compute

Effortlessly scale compute to meet the needs of any workload - both transactions and analytics - independent of storage

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Universal Storage

A new patented single table type that supports both fast transactional and analytical workloads

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Massively Parallel

Scale out shared nothing architecture provides a robust parallel execution engine for read and write queries delivering ultra-fast performance a robust parallel execution engine for read and write queries delivering ultra-fast performance

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Limitless Point in Time Recovery (PITR)

Allows users to pick an exact point in time to restore to, down to the microsecond no time horizons or limits

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Compressed On-Disk Tables

Column store disk compression up to 80% optimizes resources for storing up to petabytes of data

easily-deploy-clusters-anywhereEasily Deploy Clusters Anywhere

SingleStore is a fully cloud-native database that supports on-premise and multi-cloud/hybrid cloud architectures. Deploy instantly and on-demand with SingleStore Helios, or on any of your own infrastructure — including Kubernetes-managed containers, VMs, or commodity hardware.

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Deploy Instantly with SingleStore Helios

Get the full capabilities of SingleStore with one-click deployment and easy cloud scalability

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Deploy Anywhere with Kubernetes

Get maximum flexibility, freedom, and control with container-managed data infrastructure

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Deploy Self-Managed with Ease

SingleStore runs on bare metal and VMs, performing well on both commodity & specialty hardware

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We’ve been able to consolidate multiple databases, run our platform faster, and speed the onboarding processes for new data sets.

Josh Blackburn
Founder and CTO, IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud

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SingleStore powers real-time applications and analytics with breakthrough performance

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    We will compare SingleStore to your current solution and others you're investigating.

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    Customized Pricing
    We will go through your use case(s) with you and describe the schemas, queries, and tables that will be needed, to give you the most accurate information on pricing for each use case.

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