3 of SingleStore's Key Takeaways From the Forrester Wave™ Translytical Data Platforms Report


Yatharth Gupta

SVP, Product Management

3 of SingleStore's Key Takeaways From the Forrester Wave™ Translytical Data Platforms Report

The release of The Forrester Wave™: Translytical Data Platforms, Q4 2022 takes a closer look at 15 of the most significant translytical data platform providers. We’re breaking down our top three takeaways from the report — and our take on why SingleStore has been recognized as a “Strong Performer.”

what-is-a-translytical-platformWhat Is a Translytical Platform?

Before we jump into our top three takeaways from the Forrester report, it’s important to first understand what a translytical platform is. Here’s how Forrester describes this category of data platforms:

“Translytical platforms are next-generation data platforms that are built on a single database engine to support multiple data types and data models. They are designed to support transactional, operational, and analytical workloads without sacrificing data integrity, performance, and analytics scale.”

As the Forrester report goes on to note, adoption of translytical platforms continues to increase — especially for organizations with business use cases that include real-time analytics and insights, scalable microservices, machine learning (ML), streaming analytics and extreme transaction processing.

Additionally, translytical data platforms are highly optimized and functional for both reads and writes, tapping into distributed in-memory, multi-model workloads — as well as AI/ML capabilities — to support the development of modern applications.

3-of-our-key-takeaways-from-the-report3 of Our Key Takeaways From the Report

1. Organizations interested in translytical platforms should look for a provider that accelerates primary business use cases. For development teams to be effective, they need the tools translytical data platforms provide including the ability to create and manage schemas, build data pipelines and use APIs/interfaces to make the most of all platform capabilities.

Additionally, strong translytical platform vendors should provide tools beyond SQL and standard APIs — specifically those that enable more advanced design, development and testing capabilities.

2. To truly be effective, translytical platforms need to provide comprehensive data management capabilities. As organizations grow in complexity, so do their use cases. Real-time analytics, scalable transaction processing, application development, real-time search and operational insights are common needs across enterprises. And to support these use cases, translytical platforms need comprehensive, built-in data management capabilities.

For organizations looking to implement translytical platforms, it’s crucial to look for vendors that deliver integrated management support for data integration, curation, processing, security and ultimately, connectivity to various data sources.

3. SingleStore is recognized as a Strong Performer, which we believe is thanks to its architecture designed to power translytical workloads. SingleStore delivers a real-time, translytical database (SingleStoreDB), which has been carefully architected to seamlessly handle both workloads.

As noted by reference customers interviewed for the Forrester report, “SingleStore has been phenomenal from the day I started using it for my game analytics business," and  "Overall extremely satisfied — we finally feel like we have a vendor who deeply cares about the problems we face, is willing and able to solve these problems quickly.” 

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