Celebrating SingleStore Availability Two Years In


Eric Frenkiel

SingleStore Co-Founder

Celebrating SingleStore Availability Two Years In

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to mark the two year anniversary of SingleStore general availability! SingleStore began with a simple idea to build a new database that would give any company the ability to operate in real-time and make their business more data-driven, responsive, and scalable. Since releasing SingleStore, it’s been an amazingly fun journey as the company has grown by leaps and bounds every quarter.

To celebrate our second birthday, I wanted to take a brief moment to reflect on what we’ve been able to accomplish in the two years since releasing SingleStore.


SingleStore started in the Y-Combinator winter class of 2011 with just two people – co-founder and CTO Nikita Shamgunov, and myself. Since then, we’ve grown the company to more than 50 people who bring great experience, energy, and passion to the company. We’ve also added database visionaries like Jerry Held and Chris Fry to our executive team to help us see our vision come to fruition.


We’ve added 40+ enterprise customers over the past 2 years, including top brands like Comcast, Samsung and Shutterstock. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see our customers use SingleStore in ways we never imagined, truly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in Big Data.


Since launching with general availability in 2013, we’ve expanded the SingleStore platform to scale with growing market demand. Major additions to the platform include:

  • Going beyond memory by including a flash-optimized column store that is closely integrated with the in-memory row store to provide a single database for real-time and historical analytics
  • Working with Apache Spark by shipping a bi-directional connector to operationalize Spark models and results
  • Incorporating real-time geospatial intelligence to help customers build location-aware applications and analytics

whats-nextWhat’s Next?

The most exciting times are still ahead!

Big data has been traditionally thought of as a mechanism for extracting insights from yesterday’s data. We seek to change that way of thinking, empowering businesses to be more responsive by operating with real-time data in the here and now. As demand for real-time and in-memory databases increases, we plan to be there helping customers achieve phenomenal results.