Welcome Jerry Held as SingleStore Executive Chairman


Eric Frenkiel

SingleStore Co-Founder

Welcome Jerry Held as SingleStore Executive Chairman

At SingleStore, we have always respected the challenges the computing industry has tackled in the past. It is no easy feat to build formidable technology companies, and when it happens, we look on with admiration.

It is in that spirit that we are thrilled to welcome Jerry Held as Executive Chairman of SingleStore. Jerry’s experience in technology across computing and database technology is unparalleled. A consummate technology innovator and entrepreneur, he has helped create new database technologies and new companies, beginning with pioneering work to build the INGRES database during his time at U.C. Berkeley, and then Tandem, where he built it from a startup to reaching over $2 billion in annual revenues. He ran Oracle’s server products division during a growth period from $1.5 billion to \$6 billion in annual revenues. He served as “CEO-in-residence” at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. He served as lead director of Business Objects until its sale to SAP, and was executive chairman of Vertica until its sale to HP. Today he serves as the chairman of Tamr and on the boards of Informatica, NetApp, Kalio and Copia Global.

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In short, Jerry is an expert in high-growth technology companies and knows the opportunities they create. He has seen the full picture and enjoys sharing his expertise.

SingleStore began with a simple idea to build a new database that would change the way people think about business: every company should be a real-time company, using SingleStore to make their businesses more data-driven, responsive, and scalable.

To achieve our objectives, we have surrounded ourselves with the best and brightest in the industry, in turn delivering our customers easy access to database innovation. Jerry epitomizes the talent and experience we continue to seek at SingleStore.

As we continue the expansion of our business and world-class product, we look forward to Jerry’s participation in reshaping the real-time database landscape. Welcome, Jerry!